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Attention Members: Please do not respond to any texts claiming to be from WesTex Community Credit Union. We do not send unsolicited texts.


Effective October 17, 2014
****Important changes regarding your debit and credit cards****

A cardholder is not liable for a transaction that was not authorized by the cardholder if the cardholder exercised reasonable care in safeguarding the card from risk of loss or theft and, upon becoming aware of such loss or theft, promptly reported the loss or theft to the credit union.


Caller ID Spoofing
Scammers have adopted the practice of caller ID spoofing to obtain personal information from consumers. In this fraud, someone calls you using a false name and phone number for the Caller ID screen. During the call, the scammer describes an urgent scenario, such as the cancellation of an account. The caller may say you can avoid the cancellation if you provide your bank account or credit card number to pay the company. If you give the sensitive information, he can use it to steal your identity, or use your bank accounts. You can prevent being a victim of caller ID spoofing. Don’t give out personal information on an incoming call. Hang up and call the customer service phone number printed on your statement, the company’s website or in the phonebook.


Members: If you are selling something on Ebay or Craigs List and the check you receive is for more than you were asking that could indicate FRAUD. Please bring the check by the CU for verification before shipping the item.


If you are accessing the WCCU Mastercard on a mobile device click here or type this in the address bar.

WCCU Mastercard 24/7 Phone - (800) 442-4757